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About the Afterburners

The Afterburners are an adult baseball team, comprised of mostly military (active and veteran) with an associated 501c3 Charitable Organization, which will be providing safety equipment to youth baseball players.  Become a Sponsor today to help us meet our goals and also earn tax deduction.

The club completed it’s first season (2017) in the NABA 18 W League with a regular season record of 10-5-1. The Afterburners then went 3-0 in the playoffs to become the 2017 Denver NABA 18W Champions!

Why should you support the Afterburners?

The Afterburners primary objectives:

  • Provide youth baseball players with safety equipment and clinics taught by players who reached levels as high as MLB draftees.
  • Provide a place for military members and veterans to play the game we grew up loving.

How do you support the Afterburners?

  1. Sponsorship, providing both the organization and your company benefits.
  2. Donations are always welcome to help fund making these goals a reality.
  3. Show your support by spreading the word and watching our games live or during broadcasts.

What will the Afterburners do to accomplish these goals?

  1. The organization will provide safety equipment and help teach youth players about the importance of safety in sports.
  2. The team will host yearly workouts and tryouts to obtain new talents, focusing mainly on players from military bases and those trying to make it to a collegiate level or higher.
  3. We intend on expanding the organization depending on funding and player support.

We are happy to announce that Colorado Media School and the #Afterburners will be working together this summer to bring you live play-by-play action of the team’s baseball games!

The organization was highlighted by a Brian Badz article in the Westword,  here.  As you can see, the Afterburners are more than just a baseball team, we have a great interest in the Denver Metro community.

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