Why Should You Sponsor the Afterburners?

  1. Enable the Afterburners organization to donate safety equipment, such as ball cap liners, to youth teams
  2. Empower the Afterburners organization to host youth baseball clinics
  3. Provide military members a chance to play baseball, as military installations only fund softball
  4. Help establish a franchise that will be around to benefit the community for years to come

While any donations will be greatly appreciated, an amount of $100 or more will be represented on the team’s webpage.  A donation of $250 or more will earn you a Proud Team Sponsor Plaque to display on your office wall, and let others in the community know that you support the Afterburners! Please take a moment to review and select the Sponsor Package that best fits your business and budget.

How will you benefit from sponsoring the Afterburners?

  1. Sponsors are displayed & mentioned during national live streams of Afterburner baseball games.
  2. The Afterburners will be featured in multiple media outlets, such as on the Coach Les Show & 630AM Radio.
  3. Sponsors will be represented at community events that the Afterburners attend/host including youth baseball clinics.

The Aurora Afterburners would like to thank the following sponsors




If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please use the

Feel free to message us with any questions –>